An Introduction: Karen Freeman-Wilson, Mayor of Gary, Indiana

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Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson: Rebuilding Gary Through Innovation

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Karen Freeman-Wilson discusses the impact of IU Northwest on the City of Gary and Northwest Indiana.

Public servants are often seen as far-away entities who operate in unfamiliar territory. In this TedTalk, Karen Freeman-Wilson breaks down how local leaders can be both involved, and relevant in our lives.

CBS Chicago's Jim Williams reports on the transformation of Gary's mayor to Sheila for CBS' "Undercover Boss."

From CBS' Undercover Boss featuring Gary, Indiana Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson working with a certified operator during the night shift at Gary Sanitary District.

More video featuring Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson on CBS' Undercover Boss. In this segment, she's getting an inside look at the Gary's Fire Department.

Watch Karen Freeman-Wilson work undercover at Marquette Park for CBS' Undercover Boss.

CCTV America's Roza Kazan interviewed Gary, Indiana Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson on the impact casinos have had on her community, including one owned by Donald Trump.


Chris Mahlmann interviews a then, newly appointed mayor about her vision for Gary's future, how she stays in touch with its citizens, plans to expand the airport, upcoming events, and the local semi-pro sports teams that are drawing big crowds.

Karen Freeman-Wilson, Mayor, City of Gary with James Fallows, The Atlantic