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A Message from Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson


Hello Gary Residents!

One of the greatest honors I have enjoyed is the ability to serve the citizens of my hometown. I have worked to serve with transparency, integrity and honesty. I have also worked hard to protect our city’s interests while developing key partnerships at the local, state and national level.  

I am the first to acknowledge that challenges remain. Our deficit remains a concern. We have to do better in cleaning our city. We are working to continue reductions in violent crime. The good news is that we have a plan to address these issues. 

With the progress we’ve made and all that is on the horizon, I am asking that you support my re-election efforts. You can help us win!

Thank you for your vote and for your help! 


Mayor, City of Gary


Karen About Gary


Indeed, the upcoming mayoral election is very important. It’s more important than promises. It’s bigger than personalities. And while yes, it’s certainly about the city’s finances, prevailing crime rate and our educational system, in my opinion it is about significantly more than that.

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Public servants are often seen as far-away entities who operate in unfamiliar territory. Karen Freeman-Wilson breaks down how local leaders can be both involved, and relevant in our lives.