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Karen About Gary

Many believe the upcoming mayoral election in Gary to be the most important in the city’s storied history. With bankruptcy looming, a population on the decline and a troubled school system, it is widely believed by most that the future of Gary is in the balance.

This is NOT the Gary that I know. This is NOT the Gary that once served as the beacon of modern education. This is NOT the Gary that led this nation through the industrial revolution. Most importantly, this, does not represent the great PRIDE of the many people who call Gary home.

Indeed, the upcoming mayoral election is very important. It’s more important than promises. It’s bigger than personalities. And while yes, it’s certainly about the city’s finances, prevailing crime rate and our educational system, in my opinion it is about significantly more than that.

It’s ABOUT GARY! Our History. Our Pride. Our Future!

It’s about having someone in leadership that can marry our future with our history. It’s about bringing out the best from us. It’s about JOBS and unleashing the economic power of the many great assets in our city: the airport, the lakefront, the expressway. It’s about finally building the Gary we all know and love.

I love Gary. I was born and raised here to hard working parents who taught me the values of hard work and respect. My early years were spent as a student of the Gary Community School District, where I attended Banneker, Tolleston and graduated Valedictorian from Roosevelt High School. I went on to receive a degree with honors and a law degree from Harvard University.
I am a homeowner, business owner, a tax-payer and actively involved in many of our most active service organizations. I am the wife to Carmen and mother to a lovely 17 year old, Jordan.

I do not take the opportunity to serve as the Mayor of the City of Gary lightly.
I strongly believe that the City of Gary needs experienced, responsible and respected leadership today more than ever. I am that leadership.
We can do better. We must do better!

Karen Freeman-Wilson
“About Gary”